eSecure Cards

eWorks Solutions is new venture of W3Arena which deals with provision of complete turnkey secure solution for variety of application ranging from academia to security organizations.

eSecure Cards

Existing Problem

  • Identity Theft
  • Disguise identity
  • Fake Cards generation
  • High cost scanners
  • Internet availability
  • Electricity problem
  • Contingency Barrier placement
  • Specific Area Access Control
  • Waiting queue bottle neck due to single scanner


In order to solve this problem at eWorks Solutions we have developed eSecure Cards.

We have prepared a secure card Implementation plan for the Govt. Sector employees so that they can be differentiated from the fake one. By following the practices of this plan we will apply a considerable counter measure against the identity theft of an official. There are three components of this plan
  • Secure Card Generator Application
  • Secure Card
  • Secure Card Reader Application




Few Snapshots of Product Back End

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Card Designs can be customized as per organization needs



Benefits of Secure Card Implementation

Company works in security domain so this card is designed by best security professionals
The validity of card can be limited as required by department. After that time previous cards will not be valid.
Custom built application can read valid cards as well as the valid cards can only be verified by this application , thus providing two way authenticating mechanism