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The Social Media’s influence on Society – The Good, the Bad, the Ugly!

By admin - 12th October 2011

When did this all start? Well, the history goes back to the year 1996 when eBay first got started with the customer feedback forum, and then that idea developed lately into the community forums in the late 90’s.   Then it all began instantly with more and more growing internet awareness among the people. With the social media sites like LinkedIn (started in 2003), Youtube (started in 2005), Facebook (which started in 2004), Twitter (started in 2006) and there have been...

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Privacy Breach or not – Is Google Plus really making Profiles Public!

By admin - 20th July 2011

This sure is a really big security question. What will you do if your profile was made public? Well, well, what is this news that you might hear,...

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Do you know Google+ is not BUZZ or Wave!

By admin - 18th July 2011

Well, you might have heard about the Google+, it is a social network which was launched by Google three weeks ago. It got a much stronger start than...

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Newsletter Creation & Email Marketing

By admin - 3rd June 2011

The best way today to reach out your customers is the newsletters. It is the best way to stay in touch with your customers. If you are to...

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