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Privacy Breach or not – Is Google Plus really making Profiles Public!

This sure is a really big security question. What will you do if your profile was made public? Well, well, what is this news that you might hear, Google from 31st of July is making every ones profile on Google public? In this current stage of Google+ (plus profile) is still private, ubt after that they are making it public.

Google itself says that via one of their spokesman “we believe that using Google profiles to help people find and connect with you online is how the product is best used (speaking of Google+). Private profiles do not allow this, so we have decided to require all profiles to be public.”

If you are now wondering if you do not want to make it public and reveal your identities, well here is the answer. Delete it why keep if you do not want to tell who you are, seems a little harsh but that is what the former Google SEO Eric says if you have anything you do not want others to know then you should not be doing it at the first place.

Well, is this really a privacy breach? Well, I don’t think so. You can keep the profile private, but that is all about o change on 31st of July. Google spokesman also said that the purpose of the Google profiles is to enable you to manage your online identity, and today almost all of the profiles are public.
SO, they are up to it, now it is time for you to decide what will your Google Plus profile be, deleted or public.

One Response to “Privacy Breach or not – Is Google Plus really making Profiles Public!”

  1. Aug 7th, 2011 :

    Google+ definitely got it right when it comes to social networks. It definitely tops Facebook. When it comes to privacy, it is private but Google+ keeps your name in the webosphere. Everything else though is private.