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Do you know Google+ is not BUZZ or Wave!

Well, you might have heard about the Google+, it is a social network which was launched by Google three weeks ago. It got a much stronger start than the company’s last two failed products; Wave and Buzz.

Discovery’s Razib Khan wrote that Google+ has peaked and is ahead and it gained a bit more success than Google’s previous two offerings. Well, let’s see where it is of now. Gogle buzz did not got a lot of interest, it is famous and people are using it, but the buzz is not expected to get more fame than the PLUS. Te reason is that it was encumbered by privacy concerns. And well, the Wave was cancelled when there were no users of it, I mean not a lot of people found any interest and use in it.

Wave was launched first in t 2009, but after that the launch of Buzz, buzz came ahead. Well, still the interest in the social network is not getting down. That is why Google+ will show a lot of strength and is got to get more success as the previous 2. It is said that it is 2 times more popular than the last 2. It is not only the Google trend data that shows its success, there are more resources also. Larry Page Google’s CEO told that in is the last week or so week it surpassed 10 million users. Well, another one, IdeaLab CEO Bill Gross predicts that PLUS will be the fastest service ever to reach 100 million users. Let’s see what happens.

It is well said because Google has got a lot of fame with its Buzz. The uses of it will not worry if they had another service in their inbox as Buzz. That is the reason it might become more successful. It is also much clearer than the Wave.

4 Responses to “Do you know Google+ is not BUZZ or Wave!”

  1. Jul 18th, 2011 :

    I partially agree with you. Though google promised a lot better service this time , but it won’t be easy to snatch social media market from mouth of monster like Facebook.

    Facebook has already tied up hands with skype to give tough time to google.

  2. Jul 18th, 2011 :

    @Muneeb: but still it has more than 10 million users in less than a week. it will suck facebook :P

  3. admin

    Jul 18th, 2011 :

    Agreed with you Web Design London .
    Google is not getting back this time, a big competition in social media niche has been started while Google launched Google+.

  4. Oct 3rd, 2011 :

    Umm, are you really just giving this info out for nothing?